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NBC News – Breaking News & Top Stories

NBC News is a broadcast network owned and operated by NBC. The network is broadcast on all NBC owned and operated stations. NBC News programs include “Cross Connection” with Tiffany Cross and Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart. The network is not shown outside the Americas. The network is shown in the Middle East and Africa for a few hours each day on OSN News.


NBC news is a television network with a long history of news coverage. Initially, they partnered with Life magazine to provide election night coverage. Although the television audience in the United States was small, they were able to garner a double-share in New York. In 1949, they launched their first newscast, the Camel News Caravan, with anchor John Cameron Swayze. Although the newscast lacked the modern graphics of newscasts, it featured many of the same elements of newscasts today. They also hired their own film crews, unlike CBS, who did not until 1953.

In 1961, the network had 700 cameramen and correspondents. In 1960, NBC News surpassed CBS News in viewers for much of its run. Later, the program was anchored by Walter Cronkite. By the late 1950s, television was a central part of American family life, and NBC’s president, Robert Kintner, provided the news division with ample resources. The network also brought in anchors David Brinkley and Chet Huntley in 1956, and these two became superstars. Other anchors included John Chancellor and Nancy Dickerson.

NBC News vs NBC Nightly News

The two networks share the same newsroom, but they do cover different topics. The Nightly News is the more traditional newscast with a focus on current affairs. In contrast, NBC News is more of a broad-based, non-political news source. The program is seen on television in New York City and Hong Kong. Previously, the ITV network carried segments of the show, but the show was canceled in December 2012. NBC News is a linear news channel on Sky, Virgin Media and other pay TV providers.

NBC News is also available on radio. NBC’s first foray into all-news radio was NBC News & Information Service, which was heard on radio stations throughout the United States. However, the program was not profitable for NBC and was cancelled after two years. The original major NBC Radio Network was purchased by Westwood One in 1987, and today, the NBC Radio network is known as NBC News Radio.

NBC News Radio vs NBC News Overnight

The two broadcasts each have their own strengths and weaknesses. While Overnight did have a loyal following, its ratings were disappointing. As a result, NBC canceled the program after only seventeen months. The show was also not able to generate much ad revenue. Fortunately, some viewers contributed money to help offset the costs of the show. This money was eventually returned to the donors. Sadly, NBC no longer airs Overnight.

In 1948, NBC suffered significant losses following the talent raid. Several popular performers were acquired by the Columbia Broadcasting System, now known as CBS Corporation. Some of these performers included Red Skelton and Edgar Bergen.

NBC News Overnight vs NBC Nightside

In an effort to compete with CNN, NBC has launched its news programs at night. These programs are geared toward the late-night and early-morning TV audience. The NBC News Channel is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and feeds footage to NBC stations around the clock. While old-timers have mocked the news channel, its creation allows the network to claim expansion and to save money in an age of falling advertising revenues.

NBC Nightside is a news program produced by NBC News in Charlotte, North Carolina. Unlike its predecessor, NBC Nightside will air seven days a week from 2 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. EST, and will provide affiliates with up to four and a half hours of news programming in each time zone.

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