The Ben Simmons Trade Rumors

Ben Simmons Trade Rumors

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly looking to trade Ben Simmons in the offseason. According to a report, the Sacramento Kings have pulled out of the pursuit of the superstar guard. There have been talks that the 76ers could include Tobias Harris in the deal. Harris is considered a top-five pick.

76ers want to trade Ben Simmons

The Philadelphia 76ers have been in exploratory talks with several teams about a possible trade for Ben Simmons. These teams include the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trailblazers, and Washington Wizards. The Sixers are hoping to get a premium return for Simmons.

However, there is a chance that Simmons may still be with the 76ers after Feb. 10. However, the Sixers are not satisfied with their trade options right now and would prefer to wait until the offseason to pursue a bigger prize.

Sacramento has withdrawn its pursuit of him

After pursuing Ben Simmons for months, the Kings have decided to step back from their pursuit. According to multiple sources, the Kings have lost interest in Simmons due to the perceived high value of the Philadelphia 76ers’ star. Meanwhile, Philly has refused to lower its asking price and is not ready to sell its best player to any team. It also has been reported that Simmons’ mental health issues prevent him from playing for the Sixers. In the meantime, the Sixers are pondering whether they should look for other trade options in the offseason.

There have been multiple rumors that Sacramento would make a deal with the Sixers to acquire Simmons. The rumors suggested that the Sixers would include Tobias Harris as part of the deal. However, Wojnarowski’s sources say that such a deal is unlikely to happen in the current season. Sacramento is still hopeful that the 76ers will consider a trade, even if the terms are not favorable.

Tobias Harris could be part of a deal for Simmons

The Atlanta Hawks and the Sacramento Kings are two teams that have noted interest in Ben Simmons, but it’s unclear if Harris would be included in any potential trade. Both teams have a healthy mix of young, rising stars and battle-tested veterans. If Harris is included in a deal, it’s likely that both players would be acquired by the same team.

Having the two players in one package would be a great move for the Sixers and the Kings. Both players have massive contracts, so the Kings and Sixers would benefit from a deal. Adding Tobias Harris would also give the Kings a young, dynamic guard to help them compete in the West.

Tobias Harris is a top-five draft pick

The Philadelphia 76ers are actively shopping Tobias Harris as part of their Ben Simmons trade rumors. The Sixers want to improve next season and are attempting to get rid of Simmons. The Sixers are currently calling teams and gauging their interest in both players and draft picks. The goal is to open up cap space and trade Simmons for James Harden.

The Sixers haven’t made a clear choice regarding the deal, but if they want to clear cap space, they could move Tobias Harris. There are two teams in particular who are interested in Harris. One is the Thunder, who have a history of collecting draft picks.

Tobias Harris is a creative playmaker

The 76ers are rumored to be interested in trading Ben Simmons for Tobias Harris. However, sources suggest that the 76ers might not be reading the market well enough and are not close to a deal. Instead, they are hoping to keep Simmons for a full season and experiment with his role while increasing his value and creating more trade options.

Ben Simmons has a reputation of forcing passes through tight windows and turning the ball over. One example of this is his recent attempt to throw a three-quarter court alley-oop to Tobias Harris, despite the fact that he has OG Anunoby back on him. The pass ends up in a bad turnover for the Sixers and a risky landing for Harris.

Tobias Harris is a great fit for a multi-team deal

The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly interested in acquiring Ben Simmons, who will be a free agent this summer. But the Hawks will have to pay a big price to get Simmons. A multi-team deal would be required. The Sixers could try to attract a multi-team Ben Simmons deal by trading Tobias Harris. Both players are owed roughly $79.4 million over the next two seasons.

While the Sixers have tried to include Harris in a Ben Simmons deal, the $70 million-a-year salary makes this a difficult proposition. It’s also likely that a third team is needed to complete the deal. The Sixers’ President of Basketball Operations, Daryl Morey, believes that Tobias Harris is a good fit for a multi-team Ben Simmons trade.

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