Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Draft Tiers

Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Draft Tiers

The fantasy basketball shooting guard draft tiers are based on a combination of size, strength, and shooting stroke. A top-tier pick would ideally bring offensive creation to a team, but would also profile as a good defensive player with great switchability. Smith is the youngest top-three prospect and is a top-three pick despite being the youngest player on the draft board.


Booker is an all-around fantasy basketball shooting guard with a lot of upside. He is also one of the top NBA prospects and a solid pick in any draft. However, if you’re not in a hurry to draft a Shooting Guard, you may want to wait until the second or third round.

Unlike previous seasons, this year’s talent pool is deeper than ever. For fantasy owners, it’s important to prioritize drafting top talent early and drafting mid-to-late round players as well. To make sure you have a balanced roster, the NBA shooting guard draft tiers can help you.


Besides Smith, there are a few other options that are well-worth considering in the Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Draft Tiers. First, we’ll take a look at Jimmy Butler. The main man for the Miami Heat, Butler is a viable option in either of these tiers. Also, you should consider Jayson Tatum, who’s entering his third NBA season. While he won’t score a ton, he’ll provide you with plenty of steals and assists.

Smith is a versatile scoring guard who can score from three levels. His size and athleticism make him a good option, even though he doesn’t have a great deal of size. Nevertheless, he has the length and finesse to be a solid option in your fantasy shooting guard draft.


The Spurs are on a rebuilding phase and it’s time to start thinking about shooting guards for your fantasy team. Devin Wessel has the talent to fill the void left by Derrick White and Dejounte Murray, and he’s an eight-round pick with a high ADP of 93.7. Last season he was 92nd in PPG and shot 42% from the field, but he will likely become the main offensive weapon for the Spurs. Wessel is a great option for the Spurs, and his 1.9 stocks per game and 84% Charity Stripe shooting are already impressive numbers.

The NBA talent pool is much deeper than ever, so it’s a good idea to prioritize shooting guards early in the draft and reserve the mid-to-late rounds for a high-level talent. A tier system helps you achieve this balance, and you can use this information to determine which guards are worth drafting at different positions.


There are three different tiers for fantasy basketball shooting guards. Each tier has a different player and has a different skill set. Tier 1 features top players such as James and DeRozan while Tier 2 is a more balanced group of players. These are just a few of the players available to draft for your team this season.

Chandler is an excellent option if you need a shooting guard with versatility. His efficiency is high and his versatility is high, which can make him a good pick after the first round. However, he’s not the best option if you’re looking for a shooting guard with average scoring and low turnovers.

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