Die-Cut NBA Revolution Box Inserts

Die-Cut NBA Revolution Box Inserts

NBA Revolution hobby boxes come with several different inserts and variants. They include modern foil design, parallels, and die-cut inserts. This article discusses four types of inserts and the differences between them. This will allow you to find the perfect addition to your collection. In this article, you will learn about die-cut nba revolution box inserts.

Die-cut nba revolution box inserts

If you enjoy basketball cards, you might want to start collecting the die-cut NBA Revolution box inserts. These cards are designed by Panini, and they have developed a dedicated fan base. There are a variety of inserts and parallels in this set, including the 2021 Rookie Revolution, Chinese New Year, Supernova, Liftoff, and Star Factor. Additionally, some of the box inserts feature potential lottery picks for the 2022 Draft Lottery.

The 2021-22 Panini Revolution basketball set will focus on inserts, rather than hits, and will feature a number of rookies, veterans, and legends in addition to a variety of parallels. The set will also feature some new parallels, such as the NBA 75th Anniversary inserts and the Lava SSP inserts.

Modern foil design

The NBA Revolution hobby box features a modern foil design. It debuted over two decades ago as a Pacific brand, and has remained popular ever since. Most hobby packs feature one parallel card, but you can find several different variations. There are Galactic, Impact, Sunburst, and Fractal foil designs, as well as NBA 75th Anniversary foils. Chinese New Year parallels are also available.

2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it is different than most basketball cards. While this set emphasizes classic hits over novelty, there are many different inserts and parallels. Including inserts, Chinese New Year Autographs, and the NBA 75th Anniversary edition, 2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball offers a unique look to your collection.

Four rookies

NBA Revolution is a well-known brand in the hobby and has several inserts and parallels. The base set features 150 cards, including 50 rookies, and includes many exclusive inserts, such as sticker autographs and limited print run colour variations. The hobby box inserts include four rookies and eight parallels of veteran players. The four rookies that are randomly inserted in the base set are very hard to come by, but these rookies are worth the effort to collect.

The inserts in the hobby box feature foil accents and dynamic holographic card stocks. The inserts also feature rare Galactic versions, which are hard to come by. Each Revolution hobby box contains on average six on-card autographs. These include retired legends, current stars, and top rookies.


Parallels to NBA Revolution hobby boxes are available for a wide variety of players. These basketball cards feature a unique design with inserts and autographs. There are also a variety of different inserts available, including WWE Superstars and Legends. Parallels to NBA Revolution hobby boxes are included in hobby packs with five cards per pack. In addition, each hobby box contains eight parallels and foilboards.

The 2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box includes several parallels, including NBA 75th Anniversary editions, rookie cards, and inserts. Parallels to NBA Revolution hobby boxes also feature some unique inserts, such as the NBA 75th Anniversary parallel and the Sunburst parallel.

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